Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to Change DNS to google public DNS

In this tutorial , i will show you how to change DNS from Mikrotik router OS to google public DNS. If you have a special configuration DNS from your ISP, make sure the internet stil can running up if you change it to another DNS service. In another case, Sometimes we need to change the DNS server from our ISP to another DNS service provider. If DNS service from ISP is down , we should to do something to resolve this problems to make the internet service still running well.

I wrote this tutorials because some friends ask to me how to change their DNS service to google public DNS and another DNS service provider. Ok follow this instruction.

Make sure you have been backed up the Mikrotik Router OS configuration. To doing this, see the Picture bellow and follow the instruction:

1. Open your Winbox
2. Go to "File" and clik Backup

Ok, if you have finished the first steps, change your DNS service with this steps :

1. Go to "IP > DNS > SETTING > change the DNS with Public DNS. The Google public DNS is as primary servers and as secondary servers. see the pic bellow :


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