Thursday, 27 October 2011

How to View Log Mikrotik

Some time we need to know what happens with our routers, if someone make a change the router or someone attack our routers, we need to know and analyze the log. How to view log file on mikrotik ? to view log file on mikrotik is very simple. just click on Log menu , see the picture bellow :

Now, you can analyze the log file

How to backup Mikrotik

In this tutorials, i will show you how to backup your mikrotik. Backup is a must, you need to do this before and after you make a change the router os. Becaouse when you mad a change and you don't have a backup, you can undo your change hehehe

Follow this step to make a backup your router :

1. Login with winbox
2. Goto "menu" file on your mikrotik
3. Click Backup on tab menu

Thats it :D

See the pic bellow

Remote Mikrotik from Blackberry

Do you have a BlackBerry ? hehehe . if you using this smart phone and you need to remote your servers, you can do it with simple tricks and simple mobile application.

This application is free to download and very usefull, when we need to stay connected to our servers, this application can do much :D

this application called BBSSH. Download this application over the air and install this tools. read the manuals or you don't need to read if you have experience using ssh tools

downloads BBSSH

Download BBSSH OTA

How To Upgrade Mikrotik

How to upgrade Mikrotik router OS with a new version ? ok..on this article i will show you how to upgrade Mikrotik.  To upgrading mikrotik os with a new version is very simple, Download the last package of mikrotik router os. Extrac the rar or zip file to another folders.

Login to mikrotik os with winbox, and open File Menu's , just drag and drop all package to the file. After that, Open new terminal and type this command : system reboot

Your router will restart, and when the router boot up your os version has been changed !!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to Setting Up Mikrotik Hotspot

For your information , Mikrotik is a router os with all in one solution for small business and solution for your small  or Big Network. Mikrotik Router OS or Mikrotik Router Board can be used and setting as a Hotspot gateway with a login page. In this tutorials i will saw you how to configure Mikrotik as a Hotspot network with Login page and user manager . This is just a basic configuration, in the next article i will guide you to setting up the mikrotik as a hotspot with fully fiutured intergrated system.

Ok, this is it :

For the first , make sure your router is have been installed this package :






User Manager


Advanced tools

Step to setting up Mikrotik hotspot :

system identity set name=MyNet
ip address add address interface=ether1
ip address add address interface=ether2

add comment="" disabled=yes distance=1 dst-address= gateway=\ scope=30 target-scope=10

[admin@MikroTik] > ip hotspot setup
hotspot interface: ether2
local address of network:
masquerade network: yes
address pool of network:
select certificate: none
ip address of smtp server:
dns servers:
dns name: hotspot.mynet
name of local hotspot user: user
password for the user: password

Now, we will configure the user manager :

tool user-manager customer add login=admin password=password

tool user-manager router add ip-address= shared-secret=12345 subscriber=admin

radius add service=hotspot address= secret=12345

ip hotspot profile set 1 use-radius=yes

Done, your Mikrotik now can be use as hospot gateway !!

Download Mikrotik Winbox

Winbox is a small tools and powerfull. If you have not  familliar with command line interface ( CLI ) to setting the Mikrotik Router OS, this tools is recommended for you. This tools is a grapic user interface, you do not need to be expert to use this tools. The file size is verry small, small tools with the full power hehehe

To download this tools , klik this link  Download Winbox

Download Mikrotik

When i  write this article , the last Mikrotik router os version is 5.7 stable version. You can download this OS for free and still can use the OS untill 24 hours. Remember, To be able to use it full time, you must purchase a license key with the record of a license for only one hard drive. Whre i can download this os ?? can download the mikrotik router OS from official website

Or you can download directly from the link bellow :

USA Link
Australia link
Australia link
Iran Link
Italy Link
Poland Link
South Africa link
Sweden Link
Indonesia Link

Remember, that link is for PC Router (X86) and still ISO format. you Should to burn it to the CD's